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Affordable pre-integrated private cloud stack including hardware, cloud platform, control panel, service design, support, optional hosting, maintenance & warranty – All you need to grow from software developer to global cloud service provider.

Specifically designed for the smaller Independent Software Vendor or Service Provider, the Mµ offers the most affordable entry-level, fully-supported Private micro-Cloud environment available today. Based on CA technologies' award-winning AppLogic® cloud service design & orchestration platform and Supermicro's high-density 2U Intel-based rack server, the Mµ can be shipped to a datacenter of your choice and then installed in a day, or alternatively, hosted by DNS Europe.

And because we all know that acquiring hardware and software is only the beginning of the cloud platform adoption process, the Mµ service includes the support and training you need as standard.

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Mµ product info

Included with the AppLogic® Mµ service is DNS Europe's commitment to provide you with the training and education support to help you accelerate the time-to-market for your cloud-based services. We have 5 years of experience building & supporting application templates for AppLogic® and through 1-on-1 WebEx sessions, you'll be able to build your own in-house skills-base both quickly & conveniently.

Because everyone's learning path is unique, DNS Europe provides a range flexible on-line training programs that can be tailored to match your requirements. All training is conducted remotely online by expert-level AppLogic® engineers through a mixture of 1-on-1 and public sessions designed to help you jump-start your internal skills acquisition processes.

DNS Europe's outsourced AppLogic® support services are designed to provide you with the level of external assistance that you need to match your own business strategy. Whether your plan is to acquire in-house skills as quickly as possible and grow your own team of experts, or to outsource all or part of your AppLogic® maintenance or development operations, we welcome the opportunity to discuss your requirements and prepare an offer tailored to your specific growth plan.

DNS Europe's leading Cloud Control Panel (CCP) for AppLogic is free with any DNS Europe service including public & private cloud hosting, AppLogic license subscriptions & Micro Unit pre-integrated cloud solutions.

For end-users

The CCP is an easy to use application that allows your customers or internal users to provision and manage their cloud services based on AppLogic templates through a simple browser-based management interface.

For support agents

The CCP provides proxy access for support agents allowing them to troubleshoot and view detailed service & AppLogic info without access to the underlying platform, saving 80%+ on issue escalations to senior admin!

For service architects

The CCP enables your Service Architects to define exactly how a cloud service is experienced by the end-user, allowing control over how a service is ordered, deployed, configured, managed, consumed and metered.

Remote install assistance and free basic support provided with all CCP subscriptions.

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  2 Months Trial 12-month Rental Purchase
Hosting option DNSE hosted DNSE hosted Customer hosted Customer hosted
Hardware AMU Base unit [1]
AMU Base unit
AMU Base unit
(rented/purchase) [2]
AMU Base unit
Included Support [3] AppLogic product support & updates [4]
6 hours monthly included Service Support
6 hours online product introduction
Weekly online training sessions
24x7 emergency Support SLA
Minimum term 2 months 12 months 12 months 36 months
Billing period Monthly Monthly Quarterly One-off/perpetual [5]
Setup Charge € 0 € 599 € 1,199 € 26,199
Monthly Yr1 € 1,899 € 2,399 € 2,599 € 625
Monthly Yr2, 3... - € 2,399 € 949 € 625
13th mth buy-out - - € 2,499 [6] -
Year 1 Costs - € 29,387 € 32,387 € 33,699
Year 2 Costs - € 28,788 € 13,887 € 8,799
Year 3 Costs - € 28,788 € 11,388 € 8,799
3 year TCO - € 86,963 € 57,662 € 50,925
Cost per v.core /mth (36 mths) [7] - € 33.55 € 22.25 € 19.79

Pricing may vary depending on confirmation provided at time of order.

2 Month Trial Terms: DNS Europe are now offering a 2-month hosted trial with zero-commitment to purchase after the trial period. Unused trials may be terminated by DNS Europe prior to expiration of the 2 month term. Trial accounts are for development testing purposes only and cannot be used for live production systems under any circumstances.

[1] Base unit contains 1 × BFC plus 3 × Nodes each node with 2 × 6-core Intel Xeon CPUs, 48GB RAM, 3 × 1TB 10K SATA HDD, public & private switches. Hardware Specification and Confirmed Price are subject to change without notice, please confirm exact hardware specification & price prior to placing an order.

[2] 12 × monthly rental instalments (billed quarterly) plus 13th month buy-out fee option to purchase hardware.

[3] Full support terms can be found at

[4] Subject to CA's product support terms available from DNS Europe on request.

[5] Perpetual model hardware is purchased/owned by customer - license term is 3-years with 20% for annual maintenance/updates.

[6] Price to purchase and own hardware after initial 12 month term. Applies to customer-hosted rental option only.

[7] Equivalent pricing provided for comparison purposes only. vCore represents virtual core with either hyper-threading active or CPU over-booking at 2:1 ratio, i.e. 2× vCores per physical core.

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