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Getting your applications and self-service IT to market faster, and at a lower cost, creates opportunities. AppLogic offers you a platform whereby when demand increases, resources can be added on-demand. AppLogic is the first commercial cloud computing platform, designed from the ground up to provide a comprehensive cloud services infrastructure solution. Get up and running easily with quick time-to-value and start making the cloud work for you.

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Assemble, deploy and manage cloud services in a single environment

  • Implement your cloud services quickly - either SaaS, Internal IT, IaaS or PaaS
  • Assemble services easily using AppLogic's unique & intuitive design canvas
  • Composite servers, applications & virtual infrastructure for greater mobility
  • Deploy, manage, scale & move services around the world, on-demand

Virtual datacenter, commodity hardware

AppLogic is a turnkey cloud computing platform that includes a cloud fabric, IP SAN, intuitive user interface, full application stacks, and catalogs of infrastructure components, essentially its a Virtual Datacenter. With AppLogic you can simply reduce or eliminate entirely the need for additional networking, SANs, firewalls, load balancers, and other expensive hardware.

AppLogic packages comprehensive applications into portable self-contained entities. By embedding hardware, infrastructure definition, software configurations, application code and data into a self-contained, portable entity, AppLogic frees applications from the hardware binding of traditional deployments. Services become easy to provision, start, stop, copy, scale, backup and move geographically with a single command.

AppLogic is designed to enable you to quickly compose, deploy, scale, migrate and manage complex online applications for your internal or external customers.

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Free Control Panel Software

with every AppLogic license or service sold by DNS Europe.

Enhance the service-design & management capabilities of AppLogic with our Cloud Control Panel (CCP) app.

The CCP is an easy to use application that allows your customers or internal users to provision and manage their cloud services based on AppLogic templates through a simple browser-based management interface.

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AppLogic product info

Not only are DNS Europe offering our cloud control panel (CCP) free of charge with all AppLogic licensing models, we also offer a up to 20% discount from AppLogic list pricing:

  Perpetual (ownership license model)
Min term: 3 years
Subscription (rental license model)
Min term: 1 year
No. of licenses Buy price Annual maintenance Monthly equivalent
over 3 yrs
Annual rental Monthly equivalent
1-99 $1,360 $272 $60.44 $813 $67.75
100-499 $1,292 $259 $57.42 $772 $64.33
500-999 $1,188 $238 $52.80 $711 $59.25
1000+ $1,088 $218 $48.36 $651 $54.25

* Free Cloud Control Panel (CCP) licensing only valid for AppLogic licenses sold by DNS Europe or authorised partners.
* AppLogic is licensed on the number of processors in a physical host. Each processor in a socket may contain multiple cores.
* Customers may deploy AppLogic on processors with up to 12 cores.
* Perpetual Licenses: License fee and year 1 maintenance payable upfront, maintenance payable annually thereafter.
* Subscription Licenses: payable annually upfront.
* Offer subject to CA technologies' approval before any order is confirmed.

Provision Infrastructure in a Fraction of the Time

With infrastructure available on demand, you can provision hardware, rebuild images, and test configurations more quickly. You can migrate from development to test to production with less effort and fewer resources.

Redeploy Complete Applications with a Single Click

AppLogic eases business continuity by packaging whole applications and environments so you can easily copy and migrate applications from one data center to another.

Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) Enablement

Create your own catalog of pre-integrated service application templates and deploy them in minutes. With AppLogic, you can then easily manage multiple instances across other private or public AppLogic clouds.

High Availability with Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS)

AppLogic comes with high availability out-of-the-box. Mirrored storage on the IP SAN provides continuous data availability. If a server fails, affected application components are automatically restarted on a new server.

Do more with Less

AppLogic requires only four x86 servers to get started and can be up and running in hours. DNS Europe offers ready-to-roll hosted private or public cloud services as well as on-premises, pre-integrated solutions.

DNS Europe's leading Cloud Control Panel (CCP) for AppLogic is free with any DNS Europe service including public & private cloud hosting, AppLogic license subscriptions & Micro Unit pre-integrated cloud solutions.

For end-users

The CCP is an easy to use application that allows your customers or internal users to provision and manage their cloud services based on AppLogic templates through a simple browser-based management interface.

For support agents

The CCP provides proxy access for support agents allowing them to troubleshoot and view detailed service & AppLogic info without access to the underlying platform, saving 80%+ on issue escalations to senior admin!

For service architects

The CCP enables your Service Architects to define exactly how a cloud service is experienced by the end-user, allowing control over how a service is ordered, deployed, configured, managed, consumed and metered.

Remote install assistance and free basic support provided with all CCP subscriptions.

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