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Enhance the Service Design, Delivery, Management & Support capabilities of your CA AppLogic® Cloud infrastructure.

DNS Europe's CCP is the leading, CA-validated, control panel for the AppLogic turnkey private cloud platform.

Bridging the gap between Infrastructure and service delivery, the CCP simplifies the process of providing end-users with functional access to their services running on your cloud platform. In other words, it allows you to deliver IaaS and SaaS offerings to customers without exposing the complexity of the underlying PaaS layer.

The CCP also provides a simple interface for Support Agents to access detailed infrastructure information, features and customer logs for troubleshooting issues, reducing new agent training time and issue escalations to senior admin by up to 80%!

Headline features:

  • Deploy new Cloud Servers/Applications with Virtual Infrastructure
  • Change CPU, RAM and disk (Volume) resources when you need to
  • Start, Stop, Reboot, Delete Cloud Servers
  • Change Cloud Server Settings (DNS, hostname, passwords etc.)
  • Rebrand interface with multi-lingual options (Private Cloud only)
  • Administer & support multiple Cloud Server customers (Private Cloud only)
  • Monitor active Job Console & history
  • View Cloud Server usage graphs and export billing data
  • Access our Knowledge base and advanced support channels

Special Offer

Free CCP License with every AppLogic license or service sold by DNS Europe.

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CCP product info

The Enterprise

  • Deploy Cloud Services in-house
  • Re-distribute IT management workload
  • Automatically deploy fully functioning apps & servers
  • Account for resource consumption Enterprise-wide
  • Host multiple services from one platform
  • Introduce more Agile & Flexible capabilities to your internal development & provisioning processes

Service Providers

  • Jump-start your own Cloud Services business
  • Automated service deployment
  • Provide resource control to your Customers
  • Customisable cloud server templates
  • Create your own server/app/service templates
  • Offer, Control & Meter, cloud servers, cloud applications and enterprise-class private clouds

SaaS Vendors

  • Build & deploy your SaaS apps using a single platform
  • Automated ordering and provisioning
  • Granular resource metering
  • Configurable multi-role privileges
  • Centrally-managed service updates
  • Rapid time to market for new services
  • Centralise control of your entire Service Delivery processes including development, infrastructure, deployment & multi-instance management

Service Design

  • Raw Interface support new!
  • Complex Descriptors support new!
  • Template & Customer Groups
  • VLAN Tagging
  • Customise CCP language, multi-language support
  • Embed external custom content via Snippets
  • Use any AppLogic template, your own or 3rd-party
  • Use Metadata to control how App data is presented to users
  • Export/Import application metadata
  • Choose which parameters, components or volumes users can see or edit
  • Create user-friendly parameter, component and volume labels
  • Set optional resource ratio limits (RAM:CPU:VOL)
  • Set optional min and max resource limits per user (RAM:CPU:VOL)
  • Customisable visual interface, CSS and images

End-user Control

  • Display updated pricing on resource change new!
  • Per-customer pricing discount new!
  • Manage user details improved!
  • Job Scheduling
  • Order new Cloud Apps online with automatic provisioning
  • Stop, Start & restart components, volumes or apps
  • Scale CPU, RAM and VOL resources per component on-demand
  • View real-time application status
  • Job Monitoring console with history
  • View resource usage graphs CPU, RAM and VOL per application
  • Export resource usage metrics to CSV

Order and Billing process API

  • Set user password, check username availability, get orders new!
  • Customisable external order form integration
  • External billing system integration
  • External payment gateway integration
  • Manage customer order lists

Ordering Automation

  • End-user automated Cloud App deployment
  • Automatic or Manual order approval options
  • Suspend user accounts

IP pools & subnets

  • Subnet manager
  • Multiple IP pool management
  • View & manipulate AppLogic-level application data
  • View & Export Cloud app resource usage reports
  • Track IP address history

System Management

  • Job Hooks new!
  • License expiry notification new!
  • Delete Grid function
  • Worker (daemon) management for Grid workload balancing
  • Oracle's 11g XE database platform
  • Manage & provision to multiple Private Clouds in different locations
  • Configurable Admin, Support Agent and End-User roles
  • Configure multiple notification email templates
  • Monitor Job Console and view job history
  • Define Cloud-wide property Constants for automated provisioning
  • Secure & limitable interface for AppLogic Support Agent grid operations
  • Access to AppLogic error logs for trouble-shooting

To see the CCP cloud control panel in use, please see our Demo Video:

AppLogic EUnet Oracle