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20 February 2014

Cloud Control Panel (CCP) for AppLogic® now available FREE

DNS Europe takes great pleasure in announcing that our leading Cloud Control Panel (CCP) for CA's AppLogic® turn-key cloud platform is now available FREE OF CHARGE with any AppLogic License or Hosting service purchased from us or our participating partners.

"We have taken the decision to bundle our CCP product with CA's AppLogic platform in recognition that the combined offering represents a more complete proposition for customers, extending the already great feature set of AppLogic right out to the end-user's browser." says Stephen Hurford, cloud services director for DNS Europe.

"As CA continues to evolve AppLogic, our commitment to parallel development of the CCP will ensure that value proposition remains relevant and continues to deliver throughout the evolution of our customers' business needs."

Clilck of more information about DNS Europe's AppLogic + CCP offering

The CCP is available now for free trial download and is included as standard with all of our AppLogic® Micro Unit service packages. For more information, please contact

So what exactly is the CCP?

To find out more about what the CCP does please take a look at our presentation:

DNS Europe's CCP is the leading, CA-validated, control panel for the AppLogic turnkey private cloud platform.

Bridging the gap between Infrastructure and service delivery, the CCP simplifies the process of providing end-users with functional access to their services running on your cloud platform. In other words, it allows you to deliver IaaS and SaaS offerings to customers without exposing the complexity of the underlying PaaS layer.

The CCP also provides a simple interface for Support Agents to access detailed infrastructure information, features and customer logs for troubleshooting issues, reducing new agent training time and issue escalations to senior admin by up to 80%!

Headline features:

  • Deploy new Cloud Servers/Applications with Virtual Infrastructure
  • Change CPU, RAM and disk resources when you need to
  • Start, Stop, Reboot, Delete Cloud Servers
  • Change Cloud Server Settings (DNS, hostname, passwords etc.)
  • Rebrand interface with multi-lingual options
  • Administer & support multiple Cloud Server customers
  • Monitor active Job Console & history
  • View Cloud Server usage graphs and export billing data


Interested? Why not give it a try - the CCP Evaluation software is available for free download.

Read more & request more info here

Please feel free to get in touch so we can arrange a demonstration of the AMU/CCP/AppLogic and discuss how DNS Europe can support your Software to Cloud Service initiatives.

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