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Private Cloud services from DNS Europe provide an alternative to costly in-house-managed IT and disparate, externally-hosted cloud services. While the economics of self-maintained infrastructure no longer delivers on budget & agility requirements, concerns over control & security persist around "one-size-fits-all" public cloud services.

The Virtual Private Datacenter (VPDC) service range represents a "best-of-both-worlds" scenario where, in addition to providing cost-savings and capacity-elasticity, your business can further benefit from:

  • Rapidly design, provision & manage bespoke virtual infrastructure
  • Built-in high availability with system auto-recovery
  • Respond quickly to rapidly evolving business requirements
  • 24×7 broad-based on-demand expert support from DNS Europe
  • Hosted, collocated, on-premises or hybrid deployment scenarios
  • AppLogic, OpenStack or hybrid solution options

Private Micro Clouds

Available as pre-integrated systems hosted by us, you or a 3rd party. Package includes:

  • Affordable hardware
  • Pre-integrated system
  • Cloud platform & CCP
  • Starter IaaS templates
  • Setup & maintenance
  • Video & Web-based training
  • Service development assist
  • 24×7 expert support
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Choosing the right hardware base

Our VPDC solutions are available in many different hardware configurations designed to ensure you can achieve the performance your applications require, at a price point that makes sense.

Here are just a few examples of hardware platforms that we offer:

  Standard Advanced Premium
Great for Multi-instance apps great performance SaaS / IaaS Complex applications, excellent performance VPDC / PaaS Enterprise-grade insane performance high I/O database
Platform AppLogic/OpenStack AppLogic/OpenStack AppLogic/OpenStack
vCores [1] / node 24 24 32
RAM / node 48 GB 64 GB 128 GB
DIR [2] storage / node 3 TB 2.3 TB 3.1 TB
DIR storage IOPs Up to 500 Up to 5000 Up to 5000
DIR Drive technology 10K SATA SSD SSD
Backbone network 1G 1G 10G
From: vCore/month [3] ~£25 ~£33 ~£35
From: node/mth [3] ~£599 ~£799 ~£1,199

[1] vCore represents virtual core with either hyper-threading active or CPU over-booking at 2:1 ratio, i.e. 2x vCores per physical core.

[2] DIR represents Direct Attached storage, i.e. storage available on grid nodes, not external storage.

[3] Price estimate assumes service hosted by DNS Europe (excluding EXT storage) and use of OpenStack platform. Additional AppLogic subscription pricing available here. EXT storage pricing options available here. On-premises rental pricing options available on request.

Private Cloud hosting

Infrastructure & scaling savings

Compared to traditional hosting, Private Cloud significantly reduces the cost and complexity of 'stepping-up' infrastructure and provides an overall saving from a more efficient use of deployed hardware resources.

Built-in High-Availability - minimising downtime losses

Private Cloud has built-in protection against hardware failure with volume mirroring across multiple nodes. Should any server fail, the affected application components are automatically restarted on a healthy node.

Auto-recovery will recover (or remove) failed hardware automatically and our 'hot-spare' policy provides an additional level of protection, ensuring that your availability maintained.

Rationalisation & Management savings

Private Cloud allows you to bring together diverse IT hosting onto a single platform, allowing you to simplify infrastructure and reduce costs for application, storage & network deployment and management.

Design, Build, Deploy, Manage - single platform benefits

Private Cloud is a turnkey solution that allows rapid integration into your business services and processes. Together with our support & training services we can help minimise the cost of adoption and growth.

Our AppLogic solutions are delivered with ready-to-use common templates, appliance catalogue, a Cloud Control Panel (CCP) and AppLogic's intuitive browser-based infrastructure management tools.

Bridging the gap with Hybrid Clouds

For times when migration of an entire infrastructure is neither feasible or desirable, our Private Cloud is a versatile and developing platform that can integrate with legacy IT and other Cloud platforms.

DNS Europe offers Private Cloud hosting with our Datacenter partners Level3 & Interxion (London), Telenor (Belgrade) & Vault Networks (Miami). In addition, our partner network of other Private Cloud providers offers a global reach for your hosting requirements.


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