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Public Cloud services from DNS Europe are based on the same great platforms as our Private Cloud offerings, where we can create and host any bespoke service templates, tailored to your specific application and virtual infrastructure needs.

Whether you need a simple single component VM, or a more complex distributed business app to launch as a cloud-based SaaS offering, our managed Public Cloud services allows you to focus on your business objectives while we provide:

  • Infrastructure & platform scaling, management & maintenance
  • Service master-template design
  • Customer & Support Agent control panel
  • Per-instance granular, elastic billing model
  • 24×7 expert support

From software developer to global Cloud service provider

DNS Europe's Public Cloud offering has been designed to support your growth from software developer to global Cloud service provider by providing a cost-effective starting point on our Public Cloud platform. As your business grows, if you prefer to move to a Private Cloud platform (either hosted with us, in-house or with another provider) all templates and customers can be easily migrated.

Find out more about our Private Cloud and Private Micro Unit solutions.

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Public Cloud prices

are based on your average use of resources charged monthly at the following rates:

  • £2 / 0.25 CPU vCore
  • £2 / 256 MB RAM
  • £2 / 10 GB mirrored disk
  • £2 / 25 GB data transfer

Public Cloud hosting includes:

  • High-availability
  • Ordering & Control Panel
  • Elastic pricing
  • Monthly contract
  • 24x7 support
  • 99.99% uptime

Private Cloud hosting

The DNS Europe Cloud Control Panel (CCP) provides you with the ability to control your Cloud Server, Applications & Infrastructure online, from anywhere, using only a web browser.

Using the CCP you can:

  • Deploy new Cloud Servers/Applications with Virtual Infrastructure
  • Change CPU, RAM and disk (Volume) resources when you need to
  • Start, Stop, Reboot, Delete Cloud Servers
  • Change Cloud Server Settings (DNS, hostname, passwords etc.)
  • Rebrand interface with multi-lingual options (Private Cloud only)
  • Administer & support multiple Cloud Server customers (Private Cloud only)
  • Monitor active Job Console & history
  • View Cloud Server usage graphs and export billing data
  • Access our Knowledge base and advanced support channels

Demo Video

To see the CCP cloud control panel in use, please see our Demo Video:

Premium customers, Resellers, Enterprises, Cloud Services developers

Our Cloud Control Panel is far, far more powerful than the just end-user version for Public Cloud customers. Now available with our Private Cloud service, you can use the same technology to design, deploy & manage your services. CCP Administrative features for Private Cloud include:

  • Customise CCP branding and language
  • Offer private service catalog to your own customers
  • Access infrastructure & platform data for Support troubleshooting
  • Integrate CCP workflows with your in-house or hosted IT & business systems

And much more! For more details, please visit our Private Cloud section.

A Cloud Server is a server Image which runs on our AppLogic Cloud infrastructure and can be sized from a fraction of a physical server to multiple physical servers, depending on your daily requirements. Cloud servers can be deployed within minutes and RAM, CPU and Disk are easily changeable through our online Cloud Control Panel.

Our Cloud Servers are available based on different basic OS-only platforms with web server, database, firewall, NAS storage, load-balancing & monitoring add-on capabilities.

All of our Cloud Servers are mirrored 1:1 on our Cloud Infrastructure ensuring you won't loose data and downtime is measure in minutes not hours in the case of physical hardware failure.

A Cloud Server is just like a Dedicated Server in that you have full root/administrator access to your dedicated compute resources. However, unlike a Dedicated Server, with a Cloud Server you can: deploy within minutes, upgrade/downgrade resources as required through an online Control Panel and easily deploy multiple applications on multiple Cloud Servers - all with no yearly contracts!

Our default Cloud Servers communicate using external IP addresses so bandwidth would be chargeable. However, we offer a Cloud Application design & build service where more complex Cloud Applications can be distributed across multiple physical servers and bandwidth between components in these applications would not be chargeable as they use the Cloud Infrastructure's back-end switching for communicating with each other.

Our basic Cloud Servers can scale from 256MB RAM & 0.25 CPU right up to 24GB RAM & 8 CPU (minus some small overhead for the Cloud OS). However, with our more complex Cloud Servers, such as load-balanced Web/DB servers, *each component* (2 x Webservers, 2 x DB servers) can scale up to 24GB RAM & 8 CPUs.

Beyond this our Cloud Application design & build service offers you a way of achieving massive scalability (up to 128 dual quad-core servers) with a custom-built Cloud Application.

Our online Cloud Control Panel allows to you incrementally increase or decrease your RAM, CPU and Disk resources as an when you need to.

Our Cloud Infrastructure is hosted at Level3's tier III datacenter in Braham Street, London EC2.

Each Cloud Server you deploy has a minimum billing period of 30 days, after this your Cloud Server can be deleted at any time, after which it is no longer chargeable. Any setup fees are chargeable when the Cloud Server is deployed. New customers are charged in advance for 30 days when they order a Cloud Server. Existing Customers are charged in advance for the minimum resource levels for each Cloud Server type plus additional actual resources used during the previous month.

Hourly billing capabilities, along with automatic Cloud Server scaling, are on our development roadmap for 2011.

New customers can build and deploy their first Cloud Server in minutes through the Price & Build section of our website. Existing customers can build, deploy, change and delete Cloud Servers using the Cloud Control Panel.

Just like a dedicated server, Linux Cloud Server customers can use SSH and Windows Cloud Server customers can use RDP for access. In addition, Windows Cloud Servers are delivered with an FTP server installed as standard.

Yes. All Linux Cloud Servers have root access. All Windows Cloud Servers have administrator access.

At the moment support tickets are created by emailing suppport @ dnseurope dot net with your customer support ID. In the near future we will be launching a customer support portal integrated with the control panel where tickets can be opened and tracked directly.

At the moment invoices are emailed to you each month on your billing date. In the near future you will be able to view your legacy invoices online in the customer support portal.

Unfortunately at this time Cloud Servers can only be scaled by manually changing the resource settings in your control panel. However we are working on a service feature that will allow you to automatically scale your Cloud Server as demand dictates.

This feature is on our development roadmap for 2011.

Not directly from the control panel/order form but please contact us with your request and we can advise on the best course of action for custom Cloud Server development.

Yes we currently are supporting Windows 2008.

Not directly from the control panel/order form however if you email your request to support then we can clone any Cloud Server for you.

Our Cloud Servers are basically pre-built Cloud Applications running on an AppLogic Cloud platform. We can build far more complex Cloud Applications for you or you can become your own Cloud developer with our Private Cloud service offering. Please contact our sales team to discuss your requirements.

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